23rd June 2017

Creative Writing Ideas

Then and now

Summer and Winter in NY

Hot drips land on my neck, I jump and wipe them off,  the noisy “pat, pat” only to be heard in silence. standing there getting driped on by the constant

Paralised, afraid to move, knowing that as soon as I step onto the street ill be swept along with the hussle of the city, bumped every few steps by people oblivouis to me, on their own missions. Engulfed in a hot sticky mess of people and cars, horns beebing, alarms, impatencie, stress. Hotdog trucks and fresh fruit stalls line the side walk, watermelon is my favourite, i quickly pace down broadway, desperate to escape the zoo, I burst into the room blasteded with cool air, relief and calm washes over me

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Born in Christchurch, One of New Zealand's children, dweller of the south island, I enjoy being called Fi, thanks. Spelling needs work. Yep. Nice.