8th August 2017

Exam Practice LORD

The novel “Lord of the flies” written by William Golding is a story about a group of school boys who are involved in a plane crash and become stranded on an island, in the book they learn how to survive and attempt becoming a community. In order for the boys to be rescued, Ralph (the leader) comes up with an idea to start a fire on the mountaintop so that the smoke will attract boats nearby. Fire and smoke is a big part of the survival and rescue of the characters, it gives the boys hope but causes and tension and conflict. When everything is falling to pieces the idea of smoke, being rescued and getting to return home is what keeps Ralph motivated.

The conflict between Ralph and Jack was triggered by a lot of aspects but the main event that caused tension between the two boys was because of the fire and smoke. A rule had been about the fire, stating that at least one person always had to be on fire duty to keep it burning and to keep smoke streaming in hope of being rescued. The day it all started was when Jack was going hunting and “The job was too much. We needed everyone” he stated, without much thought, he took the twins who were on fire duty and used them to help with the hunt. At this time, a ship passes the island and Ralph spots it, he looks up to the mountain thinking he would see smoke and they would be rescued and get to return home, but instead it surprised by the unfortunate sight of clear skies about the mountain, the ship continues past the island with no idea about the chaos that was caused on land. Ralph is deeply upset by this event and yells at Jack “The rules!” “you’re breaking the rules!”. From that moment onwards, things took a turn for the worst, the law and order that was originally obeyed had been disregarded and the tension between Ralph and Jack started to grow rapidly. This event is a reflection of human society and selfish behavior. When one is disobeyed they feel….

The idea of hope……

Ralphs burning desire fuelled by the smoke…..




QUOTES:”They let the bloody fire go out” -Ralph

“They let the bloody fire go out” -Ralph

“They looked at each other, baffled, in love and hate.”

Which is better–to have laws and agree, or to hunt and kill?” – ralph

“The rules!” shouted Ralph, “you’re breaking the rules!”

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  1. To develop this further, remember to keep a clear sight on:

    1) The scope of the question (it often helps to restate the question in your introduction)
    2) The author’s intention – what he’s trying to communicate through the characters/conflict.
    3) How this relates to the world today.
    4) You’re encouraged to communicate a clear position on the text of your own.



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