21st February 2017


Hypothesis: The richness of spoken language is often misinterpreted by online communiction.

Prosodic features are aspects of your voice such as pitch, tone, pause, volume and rhythm, Prosodic Features are hard to communicate through texting or online messages, in the spoken language the tone and pitch can mean more that the words. When online, the words are everything, we don’t have much control over how the person perceives our message. Capital letters and punctuation are often used as a way to show prosodic features online. paralinguistic features are non verbal communication such as body language and facial expressions. Paralinguistic features are also hard to communicate through online language.

Evidence: An example of this is when I was texting Mia we used a number of emoticons to express what we were feeling and to help the receiver interpret our meaning of our message the way we meant it to be.

Spoken:  Pitch, tone, Volume, pauses, pace, rhythm, body language, facial expressions.

Text:  Exclamation marks, punctuation,capital letters, emojis.

Great non-fiction wighting:

  • Re state hypothesis, true/false
  • Select quote or anecdote to stimulate interest.

Argument 1:

  • State a point
  • Example (quote)- identify the language feature
  • Assert how this supports you hypothesis
  • strongest idea first, something memorable


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