27th February 2017

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My Side of the Mountain

By – Jean Craighead George

URL:  http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41667.My_Side_of_the_Mountain

“I knew how to make a fire… i also knew how to fish. To fish and make a fire. that was all i needed to know I thought.” – sam

Book blurb; Sam grimly had run away to the catskill Mountains. he had left his parents , his eight brothers and sisters and their cramped flat in New York. he had a penknife, a ball of string, an axe and forty dollars. He was determined to survive in the wild, but would he succeed?

My Summery:  My side of the mountain is a short novel about a young boy from new york who lived in a cramped apartment with 8 brothers and sisters, his dad tells him storys of his grandfathers farm up in the Catskills mountains one day Sam is fed up of the city and runs away to the catskills, he finds the old farm and sets about making shelter, finding food and settling in. sam finds stumbled upon an old hollowed out tree


  • Summerise briefly the text ( plot, characters, setting, genre )
  • Identify any personal connections with the text (situations/characters/ideas)
  • explore how your thoughts have been challenged/reinforced/influenced by the text
  • identify connections between the text and the world – contemporary or historical – and explain how your perception off these may have been influenced by the text.
  • identify other texts that have similarities with this text and explore the comparison

What matters is that you show you have read the text in such depth that you’ve allowed your own ideas to be influenced by it  

And you must provide evidence from the text when explaining this.


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